A quiet week...

A quiet week...

It was quite a quiet week at the Hall this week giving us chance to take a breath and admire our surroundings and the progress we had made.

It is nice to see everything becoming green in the gardens and park and especially lovely to see the blossom on the trees – The cherry tree in particular looks beautiful and it seems to be promising us a good crop of cherries this year. We have also managed to remove all the bush stumps and so now are in a position to dig over the ground. We have ground the stumps up and will use the wood chips to make mulch for the gardens.  The birds are busy; the pigeons loving the beech nuts and the starlings which nested in the hall north wall are feeding their chicks.

The cattle are being a bit mischievous- chasing our big cat, Marmite. Some of them have even learned to cross the cattle grids! We need to get the grids cleaned out so they present more of a challenge to our bovine friends!  Sadly Sooty (pedigree bull) has a poorly front left foot and is on antibiotics! The newly acquired herd of Lincolnshire Reds are doing well though and I have just received a good book on the breed and have also applied to join the Lincoln Red Society.

People seemed to like the’ before and after’ Facebook photos showing how the drive at the front of the Hall had been restored and edged.


Driveway – Before                                                                                    Driveway – After


We have enjoyed giving Miss Anne’s room a makeover (Squire Adrian’s sister used to stay here when up from London and before that it was their father Godfrey’s room). We haven’t done anything too dramatic just some decluttering (some things had been put in there that didn’t belong), cleaning and a bit of repair work – It looks great now!