An intrusive week...

An intrusive week...

It has been quite an intrusive week at the Hall – the office – but also the family home and every bit of the house has been occupied by the surveyors! Still they have done a good and very thorough job enabling us to view three dimensionally the house and grounds from every angle and particularly to map out the drains. We think even they were amazed how many bathrooms we have! We in turn were confused by the white balls and patterned squares put up everywhere – bizarre basic equipment that enabled the highly sophisticated technology to focus and measure.

The cats, Honey and Marmite,  remain a little bemused by all the workmen. We don’t think they have quite forgiven us for having the kitchen floors up and all the plumbing work sorted in ‘their’ bit of the house (they were not amused by their temporary accommodation in the stable!). Then again we were not amused when Marmite, the tom, brought in a dead squirrel! At least we have done a bit back for wildlife. Jim Lennon,  the Tawny Owl man enjoyed his visit and is bringing us some more owl  boxes; the bat people were happy with our plans and the cattle and calves in the park are an absolute joy to watch – quite comical sometimes!

Outside the gardens are looking good after a tidy up and the mysterious 50 foot tree turned out to be an apple! We just need a bit of rain now as the ground is getting quite dry. We have tried to tweet and Facebook the lovely flowers to show everyone and the bluebells and cowslips are looking good.

On Friday two of the team went to visit one of the old housemaids. She is 102 years old at the end of the month and we are looking forward to hearing her stories about the Hall and the family say she has very fond memories of her time in service here).

On the ‘to do’ list is the fixing of one of the banister spindles  on the main staircase and the laying of new flag stones to replace the ones that cracked during the plumbing repairs. It’s great that we can use local crafts people and workmen – We are pleased with the new signs marking the Hall’s entrances too – now people can find us!