Architecture, Design and Pedal Power

Architecture, Design and Pedal Power

A while ago, we sent 280 old manuscripts to be cleaned and restored. It is important to us that these bits of history are preserved for years to come. They are nearly all back now and we are delighted with the results.

We had two of the original drawings by James Paine restored. These detailed the design that was used to create the East Block in the 1750s which had a tear right across it and seemed too fragile to handle. The tear is now almost invisible, along with the tatty edges, after being secured with Japanese paper strips.

We would love to get these framed at some stage and display them alongside photos of the hall, allowing you to see what might have been and what was built.

We know that some changes were made to Paine’s design as triangular pediments went out of fashion, so this part of the façade was removed, along with slight changes to the Venetian windows and the addition of a Doric porch. However, you can still see Paine’s symmetry and Palladian design features prominently today.

The other manuscripts have been wrapped in acid free tissue before being boxed in Solandar boxes to preserve them. Solandar boxes are named after Dr Daniel Solandar who used them to store botanical samples on his research voyage to Australia and New Zealand onboard the Endeavour, along with Captain James Cook and famous Lincolnshire son, Joseph Banks. Solandar boxes are now used for historical manuscripts, books and papers.

It was great to have our manuscripts back at the Estate

The truly amazing view from the Rectory!

Work has started on the Rectory and the scaffolding has gone up. The wallpaper has already been removed, the electricians have been in looking at the wiring and the floorboards are up. It is good to see things taking shape after the design process. The Rectory, which was designed by Penrose in the Victorian era, is a beautiful building with some gloriously breath-taking views to the rear.

We visited another impressive building this week, the Houses of Parliament. The event we attended was connected to a campaign called ‘Fuel Your Inner Legend’, which is aimed at tackling childhood obesity, and it is trying to excite and educate young children about making healthier choices and finding ways to support parents. Part of the campaign is also to show children how being healthy can help them achieve their aspirations such as being a sportsperson or an astronaut.

It was a great sight to see the cyclists as they went past the hall…

…and there was plenty of support for them as they went round the course!

Exercise is also a very important part of staying healthy. The Alford Wheelers had their annual Cyclo-Cross event on the estate a couple of weeks ago. With over 200 cyclists, it was certainly a busy day on the estate, and it was great to see the youngsters taking part in the event too! The weather was kind to them and our estate photographer, Damian, got some fantastic shots.

Following the success of our ‘Starting a Business – Is it Right for Me?’ course in September, we are now hosting a three-day course to help all aspiring business people out there. The NBV-led course is on Thursday 9th, 16th and 23rd of November and is completely free.
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