A Delivery of Memories from the Past

A Delivery of Memories from the Past

We were surprised when we received our post this week as our usual postie was off and their replacement, Stuart Hempshall, arrived with some parcels that needed signing for. During a conversation, Stuart revealed he used to work at the Hall in the 1980s. He was quite the mine of information, telling us about The Squire, Adrian Massingberd-Mundy and his racehorses. He described how he helped to look after The Squire’s most successful racehorse, Tentwork, who had six wins. Adrian Massingberd-Mundy was keen on flat racing and took Tentwork and his other horses such as Irma la Douce and Galosh, to courses across the north such as Doncaster and Beverley.

One of Adrian Massingberd-Mundy’s racehorses

The maids of South Ormsby Hall including Kathleen Brown

Stuart used to work with both Tom Dodds, whose family came to visit us in the summer, and Tom Rhodes, whose granddaughter-in-law is our own dedicated housekeeper Jacqui. It’s wonderful when more pieces of the jigsaw fall into place and reveal more and more of the Hall’s history. Kathleen Brown, who worked at the Hall in the 1930s as a housemaid, continues to give us snippets about her time here. We have lecturers from the University of Lincoln coming to visit us next week to talk about recording some of these, and other memories, from local residents of times gone by in South Ormsby.

Elsewhere, preliminary investigative work began at the Hall on Friday. The architects have now earmarked rooms to be investigated before building and restoration work can take place. All the ornaments and photographs have been carefully put away and we need to move the furniture so the carpets can be rolled back next week. We can then let the surveyors examine the floorboards, ceilings and wall structures with a view to informing us of how best to renovate and maintain the interior of the building.

Our very own Caron helping with the packing of the ornaments

A Surveyor having a check of the floorboards

Meanwhile, a less delicate approach is being adopted at the Rectory as the plaster is off, floorboards are up and the workers are beavering away to drive the renovation work on quickly. The rewiring is nearly complete and we are now starting to consider pieces of furniture that might be purchased to go into the rooms. The views to the back of the Rectory are truly stunning and would be perfect to turn into a beautiful Bed and Breakfast or an inspirational training facility.