New people, new recipes and new technology!

New people, new recipes and new technology!


This week was a bit busier. One of our new members of staff started and it was really exciting meeting her and sharing our vision for the state more fully with her. Her name is Jackie Dickinson and she is our Brand Manager. We have manged to introduce her to all of the Hall team including Marmite (although Honey has been a bit shy). Next week we will be able to introduce her to the architects. They are now coming up on a regular basis and we are hoping designs and planning are getting to the final stages for the Estate.
The architects are a little concerned that guests won’t enjoy walking outside to get from the pool to the sauna but I am sure we can overcome this problem. One thing we are pleased about is that the surveyors are going to ensure the house is watertight for the winter as we have had quite a few leaks lately. They are looking at sealing the roof, gutters, downpipes, drains and French drains.


Our plans are ever changing and flexibility is important. We are lucky to already have fifteen businesses on the estate and looking forward to helping develop another thirty five.
They will still be of a small, unique and often of a traditional nature. We are currently recruiting a new book keeper who will be able to assist new businesses handle their finances as well as carry out other estate accounting.
Whilst we never want to be a major tourist attraction as we love the peaceful nature of the estate we are hoping to attract more walkers to the area and this week we met with Geoff Newmarch who is going to help us become more involved in the Walking Festival next year. A day will be allocated to South Ormsby Walks and our new staff and volunteers will help facilitate this. We have recently installed a walker’s counter so every time someone embarks on the Wesley Walk they are electronically acknowledged.


We are keen to know how many people are using the walk and what we can do to encourage more walkers. If this is a success maybe we can get one for the Skipwith Stride as well.

The turbulent weather has had a dramatic effect on the estate – the rains have helped the vegetation grow – especially the weeds!  The wind has taken down a few trees

and scattered branches everywhere and the sun has ensured an excellent crop of apples and figs. The apples have been put to good use in our apple and cheese scones and tart; both recipes were delicious!

The farmers have been busy on the estate and most harvesting is complete, grain is stored and some fields have been cultivated. The warmer weather has even brought out the bats.