Old Friends

Old Friends

A bit of a mixed week…..

The torrential rain took its toll on our poor old guttering – it simply overflowed and water came in through the ceilings. Quick thinking on behalf of the inmates ensured that buckets where strategically placed and portraits quickly moved (especially one favourite of Dorothy as a young girl who was in the usually leaky spot!).


We are not panicking though as the roofers are booked in already… now they have an extra little job.

Earlier in the week the weather had been much kinder and the stream clearance and other garden work continued. What people don’t realize is that whilst we embrace new technology here we are not afraid to use the old traditional tools when they are better for the job. Our Steward has sharpened the sickle and the scythe and they still tackle some of the weeds and long grass better than other modern equipment!

We are very lucky that so many people care about the estate and have interesting stories to tell us. Joyce Ward, depicted here riding both side saddle and on a motor bike, was the daughter of Reverend Ward who lived in the Rectory and who was vicar here from 1930 to 1944. He and his family were also good friends of Mrs Margaret Massingberd-Mundy and her son Adrian, The Squire. Following Reverend Ward’s death, his widow and Joyce lived in the Apartment at the Hall. They stayed in touch with Bert Brown and his wife Kathleen. Kathleen is now 102 years old and tells fond stories of her time here as housemaid at the Hall. She met her husband Bert whilst he was Gardener / Chauffeur to the Wards during their time at the Rectory. It is through their son David that we have been able to contact Joyce’s cousin and acquire these images!