Preparing for the next step and a surprise discovery!

Preparing for the next step and a surprise discovery!

Last week, with the rooms in the Hall that were identified by our architects for investigation having been cleared, this week saw those rooms subject to closer inspection. We have been busy with structural engineers, bat conservationists and architects who were digging holes and had floor boards up in a bid to really understand the Hall and stables. This will show us the best way forward to repair, restore and maintain the structure for the future. There was then the task of placing everything back whilst waiting for the reports and subsequent meetings which will ensure everything is done correctly. Considering the timber is several hundred years old, they were in remarkably good condition, and we were pleased to find that the places where the bats were was limited.

The rooms at the Hall being cleared ready for the surveying

Jacqui braving the heights for the annual canopy clean!

During this process, in the West Wing Apartment a small fireplace was discovered in the ceiling above the old nursery. Although the Hall once had three storeys, it was believed that it did not come over this part of the building and so has proven a bit of a puzzle!

Whilst all the work was going on, our Housekeeper Jacqui, was trying to do an autumn clean which was proving a bit of an impossibility as the whole process generated a lot of dust and dirt. She was hoping to keep the Hall at least neat and tidy during the work, and she even managed to have a go at the annual cleaning of the canopy of the four-poster bed!

The glorious autumnal colours across the Parklands

The large fallen branch is prepared for firewood

All the Estate based staff are now first-aid trained. Local trainer, Julie O’Donnell, delivered the Emergency First Aid at Work course to all staff and we are now just waiting for their certificates to arrive in the post. The Staff also received training on how to use a defibrillator which, when used, can significantly increases someone’s chance of survival in the event of a heart attack.

The trees are looking splendid in their autumnal colours at the moment. An orange and golden vista greets you as you drive into the Parklands from the north entrance towards the Hall. It is such a beautiful sight. The winds have been strong though this autumn, and another large branch has come crashing to the ground recently – but that will help to boost our firewood supplies!