Restoration and Fond Farewells

Restoration and Fond Farewells

This week has seen a lot of progress made on some of the renovations at the estate. Up at the Rectory, the work is really coming on. The old wallpaper is off and the plaster has been removed, which has revealed the original laths. It’s a fine example of a typical Victorian approach to finishing interior walls.

Some more scaffolding has gone up at the Rectory and when we visit there is always a very busy atmosphere the builders are determined to help us have everything completed by next May. This would include furnishing the Rectory as it would have been in the late 1800s and early 1900s. When fully restored, we want people to feel like they’ve stepped back in time and that they could easily bump into Rev William Oswald Massingberd sat at his desk, writing his Sunday sermon. We already have some old photographs that could be displayed and we hope to find appropriate paintings and ornaments to finish the interior properly.

During the restoration work we discovered the laths which you can see either side of the windows

One of the Rectory’s fireplaces

Across at the Hall, we have been doing some more work, but this time outside as Miss Anne’s Garden has been receiving a makeover. Miss Anne, who was the former owner, Squire Adrian Massingberd-Mundy’s sister, designed the garden in the 1960s. She used a section of the walled garden and put a yew hedge around it to create a private and idyllic space for sitting out in. We want to reinstate this little garden and keep it maintained to the original design. The paths have now been cleared and lined to prevent weeds from growing through, and we’re now on the search for tiny pebbled gravel to cover them – to return the garden to how it was when it was first created. We have plans for replanting and the beds have been weeded and prepared.

Miss Anne’s Garden

The Garage in South Ormsby

This week also saw the end of an era as Mick Martin left the village garage which he ran for over 33 years. We wish him well for the future and know he already has plans for how he will spend his time. Mick has several other things he wants to pursue, and whilst it is pleasing to know that his expertise is not being put to bed, it is nice to see someone maintain their work life balance and do other things that are important to them as well. The garage will now be run by Ian Gordon who is all set to follow in Mick’s footsteps and offer the same high level of professionalism and service. We wish both gentlemen luck and success for the future.

The cattle, who have been resident in the park, have moved home this week. They looked a bit bemused when herded up into fenced areas, where they waited for their ‘taxi’ to take them over to their winter home. Whilst there, they will be well provided for with a feed of silage and pellet nuts. The cattle will be back on the estate again after the last frost in the spring, when the grass is growing again.