Settling in

Settling in

We have had lots of good news this week; Sooty’s foot seems to be getting better (our bull that has been under medical treatment), the boiler room has been pumped out and the Japanese knot weed has been treated. We have relaxed a little and enjoyed sitting in the Hall’s garden and admiring the views and found a couple of newts in the pond in Miss Anne’s garden.



Crows are standing up to the birds of prey and there has been a barn owl flying over the lake and surrounding fields ever night.

The bees decided to move house following a bit of swarming and a very friendly couple from Panton came over to help us rehouse them. We bought them a nice new WBC hive from Thorne. We hope they will settle in and will be very happy there.

The surveys for the park land have begun and the grounds are looking good. We just had to sort out a fallen branch on lime tree avenue.

In the house the next repair job is the wooden kitchen drainer – that’s drainer …not Drayner! (first Massingberd at Ormsby).