Technology, Tasting, Beef and Bikes!

Technology, Tasting, Beef and Bikes!


This week saw the beginning of work at the Rectory. The grounds are being prepared for the latest technology – robotic lawn mowers. Some of the slopes were a little too steep for them and so some re-landscaping has taken place to facilitate these amazing labour saving devices. We think everyone will be jealous as the grass grows so quickly at this time of the year and our automatic machines won’t mind a bit!



Further technological developments include the final preparations to introduce appropriate equipment to speed up the broadband at the Hall. All surveys have now been completed and we are looking forward to the install next week. We have engaged a local chap to assist us with ICT technology too so our beautiful old Hall will be embracing 21st century progress.

Back at the Hall the bees have been doing well and are definitely expanding. The cattle have been being pestered by flies and we have a new addition to the animal varieties in the shape of some rehoused goldfish. These have been put in the pond in Miss Anne’s Garden and are either very shy or hiding or have been attacked by herons or some other predator!

Plans for the Beef and Bike night are now in full swing. Marquee, toilets, band (The Stolen Fridays), hay bales and caterers are all sorted and now all we need is a bit of nice weather. It will be a great way to celebrate Cadwell and the Superbikes practice, qualifying and race weekend.


The walnuts are now in their pickle and all we have to do is resist eating them for a month or so – we will let people know the verdict on this traditional delicacy as soon as we get to do the tasting.