Volunteer Visitors

Volunteer Visitors

This week saw our first official group visit – we were very pleased to welcome the volunteers from Doncaster Mansion House who had kindly hosted us earlier this year. We share a mutual interest in architecture as James Paine had designed both the Mansion House and the front part of South Ormsby Hall. The volunteers spent the day with us and enjoyed seeing part of the estate and St Leonard’s Church as well as the Hall itself. Fortunately it was a lovely warm day and the fact that the boiler had broken down yet again didn’t affect the comfort of our visitors!



Talking of heating we do need to start thinking about firewood for next winter as we are nearly out. Cutting and splitting is on the agenda so we have a fuel supply for the next really cold spell which hopefully won’t be until late autumn. We have plenty of tree pruning and trimming to do due to wind damage as well as some fallen timbers so it shouldn’t be a problem.


Other important jobs include clearing out the cattle grids – some of the young calves think it is a great game to jump over them like they are deer!

The bees are doing ok although we can’t seem to find the queen – we are however indebted to the bee people though who really want to help us make a success of keeping them. The baby owl has been sighted and is doing ok and the squirrels and bats are fascinating to watch. We have identified the huge apple tree to be a Bramley so hopefully a few apple pies will be eaten later in the year.

Sadly it was Carol from the Lodge’s funeral this week. The Church was full and we sincerely hope that this support helped her husband during this difficult time.