Walled Garden and Walnuts

Walled Garden and Walnuts

The gardens are looking neat and tidy, especially Miss Anne’s, although we are fighting an ongoing battle against the rabbits and the squirrels who seem to think it is fun to dig up the lawns. The fruit trees are doing ok, especially the cherry trees but someone/thing is eating the pears and we don’t have quite as many apples as we would like. The flowers are looking good and we did feel we offered a very pleasant setting for the picnic in the walled garden on Saturday. We were pleased with the event but would have liked a little more sunshine. We drew a lovely crowd of people however and it was great to watch the children enjoying themselves on the bouncy castle. Seeing them dress up in some of the old costumes was nice too.

See below for our new chauffeur and butler!



Everyone was interested in what was happening at the Hall and some people were even able to work out what the quirky objects from the house displayed in the marquee were! Lots of people signed up to be friends of the Hall and it is great to build a growing army of supporters as we take things forward here on the South Ormsby Estate. Thank you to those that came and don’t forget if you want to sign up to be a friend just register here on the website.



Earlier in the week we had made a collection of the best walnuts from our trees and are currently experimenting with how best to pickle them. We are following the traditional method of first pricking them and then soaking them in brine. After this process (which can take anything up to a couple of weeks and turns the water they are soaking in black) we will lay them in the sun before finally submerging them in the pickling solution. We have been asking around for good pickling solution recipes.




On a separate note we are offering a free course (Wednesday 13th September 8.30-11.30am) to anyone who feels they might like to go into business. Lots of people consider being self-employed or setting up on their own but aren’t quite sure of the implications. Interested parties can contact Coral on 0771 883 2683 or email her – coral.willcox@southormsbyestate.co.uk.