The Vision


What the estate will look like in one, two, five or 10 years time is difficult to tell, but our plan for the estate is one full of hope with a bold vision that maximises the full potential of the area.

We’ve developed the plans below as a starting point of ideas. These will then develop into more formalised plans in collaboration with local people, authorities, third parties, etc. Have a look through and feel free to contact us with your thoughts or any ideas you may have.


1. Car Park/ WC/ Café/ Bike Hire

2. Truffle Hunting

3. Wood Chip/ Gas Production

4. Horse Riding (Stables)

5. Tree Climbing

6. Winter Cattle

7. Wooden Lodges

8. Village Green

9. Hydro Electric

10. Fish Farm & Smoke House

11. Visitor Centre

12. South Ormsby Hall/ Heritage Apartments/ Leisure Facilities

13. Nursery School

14. Church

15. Market Garden

16. Cheese Creamery

17. New Dairy Farm

18. Training Centre

19. Egg laying/ Turkey & Chicken Growing Facilities

20. Car Park/ WC

21. Crops

22. Vineyard & Winery

A. Proposed Stabled Horses Route

B. Path to Harden’s Gap