Animal Magic and New Faces

Animal Magic and New Faces

We had a lovely and exciting start to the week with the arrival of our very first Lincoln Red Calf. The little lady was quickly on her toes and well looked after by her mother and all her aunties!. Sooty, her father, was on standby too making sure she was ok.

The pure blood Lincoln Reds are a docile and hardy breed, which are bred from Aberdeen Angus and Dairy Shorthorn, and are ideal for both beef and dairy farming. Our herd currently number 225 and we are hoping to build it up to 500 cattle. This year, we are hoping to have 60 calves which will help towards this number. Our four bulls, Prospero, Puzzle, Squire and Sooty, will be put to our 2-year-old heifers in the spring and, next year, we are hoping for 100 calves. Our herd is very well looked after by John Crutchley, our expert Herd Manager. He’s very experience with cattle having overseen his first dairy cow in Burgh le Marsh at the age of 5!

Our new baby Lincoln Red calf…

…she is still awaiting a name!

Another interesting acquisition to the Estate has been our Hall Steward, Craig Cuppleditch’s chocolate Labrador Molly. She is a lovely mature Labrador with a sense of fun. This week she decided she would bury her dental chew in the ash bucket! Craig, who joined us recently, is a Lincolnshire lad who was born on a farm near Spilsby. He spent 23 years in the Army and has seen service in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan. He enjoys DIY and renovation projects so should prove a godsend here, especially after last week (for those of you who saw our diary entry!). And his mother makes the most beautifully moist fruit cakes that she regularly sends over.

Craig Cuppleditch and his chocolate Labrador, Molly

Jackie and Leanne enjoying a piece of Craig’s mother’s cake

We are wondering what our cats will think to Craig’s lovely dog. I am sure Marmite will still be his assertive self and Honey will give her a wide birth, until she has got used to the idea anyway!