Birds and boilers!

Birds and boilers!

Hooray…. the central boiler is finally fixed and the luxury of hot water and heating are once again an option! The draining board has been taken away for repairs and we seem to be functioning quite well in the house – touch wood.

Outside the birds have been busy …possibly eating our pears or is this another animal? We do keep our feeding station well topped up which is appreciated by our lovely great spotted woodpeckers as well as the other garden birds – oh and one or two squirrels too. Other birds on the estate that have been spotted include the two beautiful barn owls that fly over the lake at dusk and  a large red kite which seems to have a wing span of between 3 and 4 feet!

The tree that fell across the lake has been cut away and towed to a neighbouring field and the one that fell in Lime Tree Avenue has been cut up and the fence it injured fully repaired.



We also visited an estate in Cambridgeshire which has been fully restored and developed and helped us in thinking how we can take things forward at South Ormsby whilst also keeping the history and heritage. As we move forward we are having more meetings with the team of architects we are working with and they are also helping us in the preservation and documenting of several hundred year old manuscripts and scrolls.

Our plans for the Garden Party on the 15th July are now well underway and we are hoping for good weather so that the children can enjoy the Bouncy Castle etc whilst the adults enjoy the ambience of the setting.