Christmas Preparations and Celebrations

Christmas Preparations and Celebrations

Leanne, our Events Manager, has been busy planning for Christmas. She has made the Hall look really festive. We have trees in the Outer Entrance Hall, Inner Entrance Hall, Library and the New Room. The colour schemes for the decorations on the trees are red and gold with personal family items in the Outer Entrance Hall, silver for the Inner Entrance Hall, purple and gold in the Library, and red and gold decorations adorn the tree in the New Room.

The Christmas tree in
the Outer Entrance Hall

Craig hanging a star
wreath with Colin

Another of the wreaths
made by Colin

At 13 feet tall, there was only just enough room for the tree in the New Room. Jacob, our Assistant Hall Steward, and Leah, our Duke of Edinburgh Volunteer, assisted Leanne initially, but the final classy and sophisticated looking trees are down to Leanne’s creativity. Jan has also brought her flower arranging talents to the Christmas decorations and some lovely pieces are enhancing shelves and tables in the principal rooms.

Leanne has also been very busy organising a special Christmas evening for tenants. The tenants came along to join us on Friday. The Alford Handbell ringers and Octangle, a male voice choir from Louth, were on hand to entertain everyone whilst canapes, mince pies and festive drinks were served by caterers ‘Salted Orange’. Blazing fires also enhanced that Christmassy feel – especially as the chimneys have just had their annual sweep thanks to Nigel Ancliffe, a local chimney sweep from Mareham le Fen. The Estate staff are heading to Skegness for some Christmas festive fun this week, which has kindly been organised by Leanne.

One of Jan’s Christmas
flower arrangements

The Alford Handbell
ringers performing

The canapes went
down a treat with guests

Colin, the Gardener, has again designed some beautiful Christmas wreaths for our doors. To make a statement these are quite large, made of natural products and include some elements that grow right here on the Estate such as holly, walnuts, cut and dried flowers, teasels, wellingtonia cones etc. Craig, our Hall Steward, insisted on being a bit different; breaking from the traditional circular shape and ordering a star instead. Colin has made approximately 400 wreaths. They are all beautiful! The door wreaths are a little more sparkly and the grave wreathes are less vibrant and more traditional.

Our newly acquired painting of Anne Massingberd, who is stood in front of the pedimented hall in the painting from 1747, has had a trip to the framers to see about securing it in its setting.  A portrait of Alfred, Lord Tennyson, painted by a local student, has also been added to our collection. It too needs framing, and we think it would look nice up at the Rectory once it is finished.

Caron took the picture of Anne
Massingberd to be framed

The choice of materials for the
new upholstery on the chair

We have also been looking into repairing three chairs in the Outer Entrance Hall. Visitors who come to meetings are often asked to sit and wait there. We have realised that the chairs are not very comfortable and the covering material is in very bad repair. We have consulted a local upholsterer to take on the task and have received sample fabrics from her to consider. The samples are currently part of a staff vote to see which we should choose to make the repairs as authentic as possible and provide a comfortable wait!

Finally, from everyone at South Ormsby Estate, we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!