Finishing line in sight at the Rectory

Finishing line in sight at the Rectory

The Rectory building project is now getting near to completion. The terrace has been reconstructed, the core stone has been wacked down and the York stone has been replaced on the top. We are now moving on to the brickwork which will be rendered in the same manner as the Rectory to match in. The foul drainage and rainwater drainage is in the process of being put in place and manholes are about to be installed.

Work on the terrace at the
Rectory nears completion

We are looking forward to seeing
the finished Rectory 

We have also been considering the garden design ideas for the rectory and Prisca Furlong is going to look at developing the wooded area to the left of the building.

We are looking at ordering the beds for the rooms at the Rectory and have decided to go for 3-foot singles that can be Velcroed together to make doubles. This way, we can provide comfortable rooms for friends, colleagues or couples. All of the five bedrooms have their own private facilities and some have fantastic views over towards Brinkhill.

Further developments on the Estate include a bit more work at Foreman’s Cottage. It is having a boiler refit and new cladding on the workshop to ensure it blends in better with the countryside.  Our Surveyor, John Scarborough from Louth has also been going around many of the buildings on the Estate to assess their state of repair and to see what works need to be done.

The views from the Rectory
are stunning

The boiler is being replaced
at Foreman’s Cottage

Paul Barnes, our Estate Manager, met with Arboriculturalist, Sarah Bright, ecologists RammSanderson and landscape specialists Southern Green to make sure our roadside and footpath tree maintenance was appropriate to ensure public Health and Safety. 290 trees have been identified for attention ranging from priority treatment within three months to monitoring over the next twelve months.

Our trees continue to keep us busy – the windy weather brought a tree branch down across the Northern drive and we know that sooner or later we have to address the problem of the dead copper beech on the south lawn. R A Hackett’s team have been busy tidying the fallen branches and advising on some of the other future tree work.

New cladding has been put on the
workshop at Foreman’s Cottage

Caron discussing the portraits in the
Outer Entrance Hall with Steve

Steve from Straight Lines painting and decorating has been busy renovating the windows in the South Bedroom, the Gentlemen’s Bedroom, Library, Morning room and Drawing room. Steve is also keen on his history and asked the question why is the Earl of Strafford portrayed in the Outer Entrance Hall alongside a portrait of Cromwell. He was right to raise this question as Thomas Wentworth, The Earl of Strafford,  was actually a royalist and supporter of Charles I. Sadly, Charles’ other advisers were against Thomas and sought to turn the king against him. Charles agreed to sign his death warrant on the grounds of treason but regretted this for the rest of his life. Drayner Massingberd actually provided horses for anti-royalist and parliamentarian, Cromwell at the decisive battle of Winceby. Why the two should be depicted together is indeed a mystery!