Green Fingers and Sky High Views

Green Fingers and Sky High Views

We’re constantly trying hard to improve and enhance the gardens. One of the old cherry trees in the walled garden had sadly died and we had been searching for a new tree to replace it. Craig, our Hall Steward, finally tracked down the same historic variety down, which is a descendant of a Hudson, and we took delivery of a very strange wrapped objected that puzzled staff at first (they thought it was a netball post due to its long thin shape!). Craig has now firmly established it in the walled garden where the previous cherry tree was stood. Maybe it will enhance our cherry harvest this summer?

The new cherry tree being planted in the walled garden

Adam from LukeLewis Productions going up in the crane

We have employed Paul Peltell as a gardener to help us with grounds maintenance. He comes every Sunday to help us keep on top of everything, which also gives Craig a well-earned break.

With lots of restoration and repair work going on, the grass and driveways are constantly being damaged by the building work, but we’re doing lots to leave things as we found them, including filling in all the holes in the grass.

The view of the Hall from the crane

The beautiful view across the Wolds from Hall from the crane

Damian, the Estate Photographer, has been documenting the progress at the Estate for over a year. Over the next few weeks, he’ll be joined by Adam and Luke from LukeLewis productions, who will go one step further and film some of the progress being made and make it into a short film. This week, Adam came to do a recce across the Estate, visiting the Rectory, the Old School, the Walled Garden, parts of the Parklands and the Hall itself. Adam will interview staff and tell the story of what is happening across the Estate and what we are aspiring to achieve. Both Adam and Damian, took advantage of the crane that’s at the hall repairing the roof and chimney, to reach heights of 25 metres and get some beautiful views from across the Estate. Adam is hoping it will still be here when he comes to do the filming, whilst Damian was also able to take some good aerial shots.

Adam from LukeLewis meeting Damien from Purple Robot

Caron, Jacob and Jacqui with their certificates

It has also been a week with lots of training and development; congratulations to Jacob, Caron and Jacqui!

Firstly, Jacob, the Assistant Hall Steward, was pleased to finally get his driving theory ticked off. He missed his first test in Boston due to the heavy snow. Jacob passed with flying colours, only dropping 3 marks in the multiple-choice part and a handful of points in the Hazard Awareness section.

Secondly, despite a very early start due to the rail strikes, Caron went all the way to Sheffield and successfully completed a Personal Assistant / Executive Assistant Course.

Finally, Jacqui, our Housekeeper, went to Woodhall Spa to do her Food Hygiene Certificate and also completed a Hospitality Certificate right here at the Hall.