Helping Others Beyond the Estate

Helping Others Beyond the Estate

It was lovely to see Nicky Haxby again when she called to drop off our BBQ tickets. She and the Massey fundraisers are at it again (Saturday 30th June) and if the live music, BBQ event at the Massingberd Arms is half as good as last year’s it will be well worth going to! This year the money raised will be split between the Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance and Syria.

The Air Ambulance is extending its service, aiming to offer 24-hour support seven days a week for medical emergencies. Along with the helicopter, HEMS (Helicopter Medical Emergency Service) have also equipped a Rapid Response Vehicle with the same technologies and equipment. This will mean that in bad weather when the helicopter cannot fly, the lifesaving service can still operate, and a Critical Care Paramedic or Pre-Hospital Care Doctor can be quickly transported to a patient.

Syria remains a war-torn area and the suffering of innocent people is unimaginable. The Massey Fundraiser supports two groups:

Samara’ Aid Appeal is a Christian charity founded by Samara, a truly remarkable young mum of two in Brighton, who felt profoundly moved by the desperate plight of displaced people fleeing the fighting in Syria. Since then, communities and churches all over the UK have sent over 90 artic lorries of clothes, shoes, dignity bags and medical aid. “We send our own container from Beverley! Everyone in the UK is a volunteer. In Syria, we convert some of these containers into medical units, as many areas no longer have hospitals.  Reaching those in need is extremely dangerous and only made possible by the courageous efforts of our Syrian aid workers and medical teams”.

Theirworld was founded by Sarah Brown 15 years ago after she and Gordon tragically lost their child Jennifer; it initially funded vital research work in Edinburgh, into the causes of babies being born prematurely and finding better ways to care for them. Now, Sarah’s inspirational work is committed to giving the most vulnerable children and young people a brighter future in their world. One way this is facilitated is in “double-shift schools”, where the same classrooms in Lebanon, in which local children are taught in the morning, are used to teach refugees from bordering Syria in the afternoon.

The fallen beech tree in South Ormsby Park

Walkers enjoying the peaceful Skipwith Stride

Filming taking place at the Estate

Elsewhere on the Estate, we had hoped that the big fallen beech tree would have been dealt with by now, but it is so enormous that Dan Emerson from D Emmerson Timber and his team have had to book in reinforcements with a winch to help roll and saw it. We were pleased that someone reported the broken tree in Driby woods. The felling of this was a priority as walkers might be going near the tree whilst enjoying a walk around the Skipwith Stride.

Filming has taken place in the Hall – just for in-house use really. It will be nice to share what we are doing with colleagues and in a few years time, the 10-minute taster will be a great reminder of how things were. Adam and Lewis from Luke Lewis Productions spent the day with us and interviewed some key players as well as taking sweeps around the house to give a flavour of where we are at in the Spring of 2018.

We were really pleased to see so many of you at our One Year On event at the Old School. It was fantastic sharing what we have done on the Estate over the past year as well as informing everyone about our aspirations for the future.

We had a great time at the East Lindsey Business Awards ceremony at South View Park Hotel. It was good to see successful local business really taking off. It’s absolutely right that their endeavours and hard work are recognised and celebrated.