Mud, Chimneys and Water - 24 Hours on the Estate

Mud, Chimneys and Water - 24 Hours on the Estate

Whilst we normally reflect on the past week’s events, we had such an eventful day on Monday 15 January that we would concentrate on those 24 hours at the South Ormsby Estate.

The scaffolding lorry stuck
on the waterlogged grass

Help arrives to pull the
lorry free

Caron working with one
of the builders outside the window

We were due to have more scaffolding delivered for the chimney repair and the installation of some roof insulation. However, the lorry delivering the scaffolding got stuck on the waterlogged grass. The builders came to the Hall to inform us of what had happened and to ask for assistance, and the office contacted the Land Agents. They recommended we contact Tom, a local farmer and churchwarden at St Leonard’s Church in South Ormsby, who came to the rescue. He first needed to find out which size tractor was required and then he returned to pull the lorry out. It has been very strange seeing the builders right outside the first-floor office windows whilst we’re working now that the scaffolding is up.

The smoking chimney…

…and getting the chimneys swept!

The fire was also on in the apartment where the staff offices are. It was going very well, and then it seemed to be going just a little too well and became very smoky. Looking from outside, we were concerned that maybe we had a chimney fire, but our new Hall Steward, Craig Cuppleditch, checked it out and all was well. We had to get the chimneys swept out later in the week.

Jacqui and Caron emptying the room when the leak sprung

Chris releasing the water in the ceiling

We then heard a dripping noise! The water had come through the roof in the West Wing and the newly boarded ceiling was holding back a bank of water. Jacqui and Caron hastily moved paintings and strategically placed buckets, bowls and plastic bins around the room the catch the drips. Chris Brooks then released the pressure (and the water reservoir above) by puncturing a small hole in the boards.

We were all very grateful for a quieter Tuesday!