New Arrivals and Nocturnal Wildlife

New Arrivals and Nocturnal Wildlife

The animals have been taking centre stage again at South Ormsby. Following the birth of our first Lincoln Red calf the other week, we now have 5 more new additions to our herd. The new calves are all doing well, however a couple of the new mothers are not quite so sure about what to do, so they are being bottle fed and some of the other cows are making sure they are being looked after. We are also asking for names to add to our growing list from supporters and friends.

One of our new Lincoln Red calves

Caron bottle-feeding a new calf with our photographer, Damian, taking a photo in the background

We have also had some infra-red wildlife cameras installed around some of the watercourses on the Estate after Joe’s meeting with Lincolnshire Naturalists’ Union in January when they found otter spraints on the Estate. Luckily, the Lincolnshire Chalk Streams Project were able to provide the equipment and the know-how, and two weeks after they were installed, the cameras got the result we hoped for and picked up an otter on the Estate along with other nocturnal animals which included badgers.

A video of the otter on the Estate

The camera also picked up a badger too

There have been some cold and icy conditions recently, and the swans which have been living on the lake in the Parklands have been baffled by them. They sailed down to the lake to investigate the frozen water, and we thought they might even try to go walking on the ice but they weren’t courageous enough to attempt this!

Unlike the swans, the workmen have braved the cold weather and have continued to be busy through the icy spell. Unfortunately, there was a small mishap when they accidentally cut through one of the wires that carried our internet connection to the Hall. This meant that the team were out of action for a few hours as they were unable to get online. The workmen did replace the wire very speedily and got us back up and running the same day.

The icy lake in the Parklands


The family of swans


The work continues on the roof

The Estate has seen an abundance of snowdrops, however the daffodils are now starting to appear in the Parklands with their bright and vibrant yellow flowers being a sure sign that spring is on its way. We are hoping that they are still out in bloom for our Photography Workshop which takes place on 16th March as they would be perfect to get photos of. Leanne, our Events Manager, has been busy this week making the final arrangements to the workshop. Damian Furlong, who is our professional Estate Photographer and a local college tutor will lead the day’s workshop for budding photography enthusiasts. Beginners are very welcome and Damian will also offer advice to those with some experience on how to enhance their skills. Damian has a wide range of experience in photography and is a brilliant communicator and tutor. It will be a great opportunity to get out with our camera, enhance your photography skills, explore the Estate and hopefully get some lovely images as you go around. If you are interested in the course you can find out more by clicking here.