Pumpkins, Bats and Pedal Power

Pumpkins, Bats and Pedal Power

It is Halloween week and there have been some spooky goings on at the Hall and around the Estate. People have been waving at a figure in the window of one of the properties on the Estate. The weird thing is that no-one is living there at the moment! Over at the Hall last week, Caron and Leanne heard some banging at the other end of the Hall when everyone else was out. Was it just the wind that caused the banging or could there be something more haunting at the Hall?

Actually, we don’t think there is anything for us to worry about. We have been informed by Karen Morrisey, who is carrying out our paint surveys, that she had found old candle burn marks under the staircases in the Hall that were done to ward off evil spirits and witches!

One of the bats that have
been found on the Estate

The carved pumpkin that
was grown by Paul

Our bats add to the lovely Halloween feel to the Hall. We continue to look after our bats very well and experts advise us of their whereabouts so we do not disturb them with any of the restoration work that we will be doing to the Hall. The bats are in some of the walls, the outdoor cellar and parts of the roof too!

The pumpkins that we have been growing are not quite up to the Halloween celebrations as they are more like the size of large grapefruits and are not big enough to be carved. We will be looking forward to enjoying them as pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup and lovely pumpkin cake too. Our staff have also been getting into the Halloween spirit. Paul Barnes, our Estate Manager, has had a little more luck with his pumpkins and has grown a big pumpkin at home which has already been carved into a beautiful design.

The Little Owl that was spotted
on the Estate earlier in the year

Some of the cyclists at the
annual Cyclo-Cross event

Earlier in the year, a Little Owl was spotted on the Estate. It is always good to see a diversity of wildlife across the Estate. Unfortunately, we have not managed to spy an owl yet for Halloween!

We were delighted to welcome back the Alford Wheelers this weekend. Once again, they held their annual Cyclo-Cross event on the Estate which criss-crossed its way across the terrain. It was a busy day on the Parklands with over 200 cyclists of all ages taking part. It may have been a chilly day, but at least the weather was dry for them, and our Estate Photographer, Damian Furlong, got some great shots of the riders in action!

The new roof at
Keal Cottages

The Estate and Gordon’s Autos
teams with their Fire Safety certificates

There has been lots of activity up at Keal Cottages. The cottages have recently undergone some renovation work. The new roofing on the cottages is looking particularly good with its red tiles. It is part of our ongoing work to improve the tenants’ housing across the Estate.

Julie from Best First Aid has been back to present the certificates to all the staff who took part in the Fire Safety training course. The Estate staff were joined by two apprentices from Gordon’s Autos. It is great to be able to partner with a local business to help and assist with training opportunities.