Rectory Renovations and Water Works

Rectory Renovations and Water Works

With the snow clear and spring hopefully now making an appearance, work has now resumed over at the Rectory. We are looking towards completion this summer, and with that in mind, Caron has been meeting with Robert Miller, who is the Director of Hemswell Antiques, to consider appropriate furniture for a 1900 rectory look. Together they have been measuring rooms and deciding on the best arrangements for single and double beds, so we have alternative accommodation possibilities for the Bed and Breakfast option for the building. Last time they were over at the Rectory, the electrician was working and both Caron and Robert were impressed with the modern approach to levelling the newly positioned electrical sockets. The electrician actually used a laser light shining a red line on to the walls to position them.

Caron checking the shutters
at the Rectory

Measuring up ready
for picking furniture

The Electrician and
his laser measure

At the Hall, the mid-nineteenth century Windsor armchair that our talented local joiner had been repairing, has now been returned. It was made of yew and has an elm seat. The joiner had to repair one crinoline stretcher and one short stretcher, inserting new wood into them to maintain stability.  He has also created tiny wooden pegs to act like nails to secure the legs and put a new foot piece into one of the feet to make it as good as new

The repaired Windsor armchair

Part of the repair made to the chair

Water has been playing its part in the Parklands as the melting snow and the rain have produced fast-flowing streams that have then resulted in flooding toward the Park Cottages. This was due to an old Victorian brick built drain having a blockage. We called Pell Plant Hire, who brought in their tractor and pipes, and they pumped a lot of debris out to clear it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite as successful as they hoped and they are still puzzled as to where else there may be a blockage, but they are coming back soon to investigate further.

We have also been tackling drainage up at the Hall, as we are trying to resurrect the French drain around the Hall. A square trench has been dug and a pipe with holes in the top will be covered with gravel. Water will pass through the gravel and into the pipe, running away to drain the area surrounding the Hall.

Trying to locate where
the blockage in the drain is

Part of the trench at the
Hall for the French drain

The new facilities over
at Gordon’s Autos

Gordon’s Autos will be looking forward to having the water connected to the garage. The toilet and sink have now been installed, but the connection to the water supply is still to be done. This will be a huge relief to Ian and Tom who currently have to nip over to the pub to use the facilities!

The new calf count continues to rise. It seems that the mums wait until the weather is bad before giving birth and the recent bouts of snow have therefore been instrumental in increasing the number of calves born. This has been an extra challenge for Herd Manager, John Crutchley, who has had to battle through snow drifts and blocked roads to look after the cattle. During the worst of the weather and when the temperatures were at their lowest, the diesel in the tractor froze as well as the water in the yard.