Reflections on 2017

Reflections on 2017

Well here we are just after our second Christmas at South Ormsby Hall and the time really has flown by. It has also been great to reflect over our time here and the changes that have happened and that are still to come.

Marmite not wanting to open his presents

Marmite when he found Santa’s milk at the photo shoot!

Since coming to the Hall, we have had two additions to our family, our lovely cats Honey and Marmite. They have become part of the team and their very different personalities are stereotypical of a princess and a tomcat! Marmite is always causing mischief and even stole Santa’s milk and cookies for a second time on Christmas Eve after first doing it during our Christmas photoshoot at the Hall! Honey, however, is very much a gentile lady and loves a bit of fuss and lazing by the fire in the office. Surprisingly, it was Marmite who was reserved when it came to opening his Christmas present, preferring to ignore our gifts. Honey quickly removed the paper and enjoyed her ball and treats. Cats… you can never work them out!

The scaffolding up at the Hall ready for work to begin…

…and gravel that was delivered for the path in Miss Anne’s Garden!

The Hall has become home to all our family and to our ever-increasing staff team. We are pleased with all the restoration projects we have taken on board so far and there are even bigger ones around the corner (the scaffolding is up, ready for New Year). We feel we can celebrate in our 2017 achievements now with Miss Anne’s garden having been revamped, the new walled garden gate in place, the table tops being resurfaced and the stair balustrades replaced, along with repaired paths and drives, lots of painting, launched new technologies; the list goes on.

The kitchen tabletop looks stunning since the resurfacing

A worker takes a break to admire the view whilst putting in new paths

We feel we have become part of the community and have enjoyed getting to know our tenants and the people in the village better.

New businesses have started to emerge and we have great plans to keep breathing life into the community. Here’s to a wonderful 2018!