Reflections on 2018

Reflections on 2018

What a great year 2018 was for us to look back and remember all the goings on at the Estate.

The architects and planners have constantly been working with us to ensure our ideas fit into the community and so our future vision could start to become a reality. We enjoyed the chance to share this with the public at our One Year On Exhibition where we displayed our boards to show how we hope to recreate the thriving community that once was South Ormsby and yet still maintain the peace and tranquillity of the area.

The Layers of History team from Heritage Lincolnshire, who began working with us in August, have started to help us understand more about the old settlements around the Estate. It is still a mystery why Calceby’s population disappeared in the past whilst South Ormsby remained a vibrant place. The village had numerous Mud and Stud cottages (a traditional Lincolnshire variation on the Wattle and Daub cottage which can no longer be found in the village) and boasted in its day a school, post office and shop, cobblers, blacksmiths, petrol garage as well as the Hall, pub, garage and sawmill which all still exist today.

Showing the plans for the Estate
at the One Year On exhibition

The Layers of History team
doing one of their presentations

Our Lincoln Reds family
photo in front of the Hall

The Layers of History team trained volunteers by providing workshops in the Old School ensuring that these budding archaeologists developed skills with classes in geology, photography and oral history so that they could assist with their research. In fact, Paul Barnes, our Estate Manager, has also used state of the art technology to photograph the Estate. He brought in a drone with a camera to take a bird’s eye view so we could see the shape of the land and the field boundaries.

The Lincoln Red Herd has done very well this year. It now numbers 239 beasts and more calves will be born from January onwards. The cattle are currently in crews for the winter and are being well cared for by John Crutchley and his team. We look forward to seeing them back in the Parklands after the glorious sight of them there last summer.

We have offered a series of interesting workshops and events this year. Everyone seemed to enjoy the second year of our Beef and Bike Night. It was a perfect summer evening for the precursor to the weekend of British Superbike racing at Cadwell Park. The marque adjacent to the Massingberd Arms pub housing some of the racing bikes looked great. Our very own Lincoln Red beef was served in the form of hot roast beef sandwiches and beef hotdog sausages. Tenants, staff and friends also attended the racing at Cadwell and we all enjoyed it.

Leon Haslam’s BSB bike at
our Beef & Bike Night

The Walled Garden was the
perfect setting for the play

One of the Wolds Walking Festival
route’s through South Orsmby

Earlier in the summer the theatre production of Sense and Sensibility, which was held in the Walled Garden, proved a success. It was a lovely evening and a beautiful setting for the play. We were delighted to welcome the Morgan Club drivers, and it was a sight to see the cars all parked on the lawn in front of the Hall. The Photography and Relaxation workshops also received good feedback from those who attended.

The Lincolnshire Walking Festival which was held over May and June included several South Ormsby walks and we look forward to being involved again next year.

In the spring we were learning a lot about fashion in centuries ago. We had a film crew at the Hall who were filming a documentary about eighteenth-century gentlemen’s dress, and we were dating and careful packing of some of our own historic outfits.

Some of the students from our
Photography Workshop

One of the historic garments
from the Hall

Paint samples being taken
so they can be analysed

We have also been investigating some different history of the Estate after paint samples have been taken from around the Hall, this has helped inform us of the colours used in the past across the Estate and we are endeavouring to recreate this historical look.

Our Hall tours proved popular for our Friends of the Estate during the Autumn and those who came were delighted to have the chance to have a look around the Hall.

The staff have also been extremely busy. Aside from their usual work, they have been training; topics from manual handling and fire safety to hospitality and food hygiene have all been studied.

Here is to an equally busy and successful 2019!