Winter preparations and progress

Winter preparations and progress

As previously reported the Lincoln Reds are soon to go into their crews for the winter. They are looking particularly handsome at the moment as they are getting longer, curlier hair and seem completely comfortable with being in the Parkland despite there being quite a lot of vehicles coming and going. They should be really happy in their new shelter away for the cold weather and the wind and rain.

The guys from Pell Plant Hire will be moving over to check the drains at Manor Farm soon, after completing some successful works on the drainage system here at the Hall; it’s now much clearer and efficient.

Sooty, one of our Lincoln Red bulls
with his characteristic long curly hair

The drainage works at the Hall
come to close

Jan and Caron pack away the
new chandelier for the Rectory

Andy Hackett was on hand on Friday to work with Ramm Sanderson with a view to taking the dead beech tree down outside the Massingberd Arms.  Whilst it is Andy’s job to take this dangerous tree down the ecology people, Mike Sims and Gabby Cruttenden, from Ramm Sanderson wanted to check there were no bats. Bats typically like to nest under lifted bark and in rot holes. Fortunately, we got the all clear and the branches to the pub side were removed in preparation for the final execution.

Leah, our Duke of Edinburgh volunteer, continues to be a huge asset to the Estate, this week assisting with another House Tour. Leah has some favourite artefacts that she likes to share with viewers, including what we believe to be Mrs Mundy’s ostrich feather fan. She’s also looking at helping photograph wildlife on the Estate in the future.

Volunteer, Geoffrey Stone,
up at The Rectory

The driveway at The Rectory being
repaired and smoothed over

Lots of progress is being made up at the Rectory.

Robert Miller came over from Hemswell Antiques and brought the brass chandelier with him that will hang over the landing area. We checked it was big enough for the space, the electrical connection and the weight so it could be properly installed. It’s going to require some scaffolding to put it up, but it will be worth all the effort, with the finished result expected to be stunning. The Rectory isn’t quite ready for it to go up yet, it’ll get dusty and be in the way, so it has been reboxed and returned to the Hall for safe keeping.

The glass lampshades will match the newly painted pink walls that are part of the staircase and the landing. Robert went through the list of furniture purchased and we’ve now got all the essentials, although we realised we needed another set of dining room chairs for the breakfast room.

Geoffrey Stone, our Rectory Volunteer also came over to see how things were progressing. He is on the lookout for Clergy memorabilia to encourage the feel that the Rectory was occupied by working vicars.  We hope to have some appropriate artefacts on desks in bedrooms etc. that tell that story. Geoffrey went away inspired and offering to put in some time to help us find the right sort of thing.

Lastly, the driveway at the Rectory has been given an overhaul too. It is now a smooth ride up to the building thanks to Andy Mettam and his team.